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The professional Basque grill at Mas Carreras 1846 is located on an outside terrace, providing an ideal outdoor setting to enjoy grilled cuisine. This location allows guests to delight in food preparation while enjoying the panoramic views of the rural surroundings and fresh air.

The grill, recognized for its ability to reach high temperatures and its robust design, is built with high quality materials such as stainless steel, which guarantees durability and ease of maintenance. Its design includes height-adjustable grates, allowing precise control over cooking and ensuring perfect results, from meats and fish to vegetables.

Strategically located on the terrace, the grill becomes the heart of social gatherings, creating a cozy and charming atmosphere. Diners can enjoy the live culinary show, appreciating both the preparation and the unmatched flavor of the food cooked on the grill.

The outdoor location of the Basque grill not only enriches the gastronomic offer of Mas Carreras 1846, but also provides a unique and memorable culinary experience, fusing tradition with nature in an incomparable historical setting.