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The event space known as “Greenhouse” at Mas Carreras 1846 is a versatile and modern facility, designed to host various types of celebrations and meetings. This place has several features that make it ideal for special events, combining comfort, functionality and style.

Greenhouse Features

  1. Soundproofing:
  • The Greenhouse is completely soundproof, allowing events with music and activities to be held without disturbing the outside environment or being affected by external noise.
  2. Air conditioning:
  • Equipped with an advanced air conditioning system, the space maintains a pleasant temperature at any time of the year, ensuring the comfort of guests.
  3. Catering Area:
  • It has an area specifically equipped for catering, with facilities for the preparation and service of food and drinks. This area is designed to facilitate the work of caterers and ensure high-quality and efficient service.
  4. Bathrooms:
  • It has separate bathrooms for men and women, equipped with all the necessary amenities for guests.
  5. Capacity:
  • The Greenhouse has a capacity to host between 150 and 190 people, making it ideal for weddings, banquets, conferences and other medium to large scale events.

Environment and Aesthetics

  • Design: The design of the Greenhouse combines modern elements with the rustic charm of Mas Carreras 1846. Large windows allow in natural light and offer spectacular views of the rural surroundings, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Decoration: Decoration can adapt to various styles and themes, providing a blank canvas that can be customized according to the needs of the event.


  • Flexibility of Use: The space is highly flexible, allowing varied configurations for different types of events, from formal dinners to conferences and presentations.
  • Accessibility: It is designed to be accessible to all people, including those with reduced mobility.

In summary, the Greenhouse at Mas Carreras 1846 is a complete and sophisticated event space, offering all the necessary facilities to make any event a success. Its combination of comfort, style and functionality makes it an ideal option for those looking for a unique and memorable place for their celebrations.