Barn Kitchen

Barn Kitchen, a kitchen space in the Mas Carreras 1846 barn, combines rustic charm and modern functionality, offering a unique culinary experience. Located within a historic barn, the kitchen retains original features, such as exposed wooden beams and stone walls, which add warmth and authenticity to the environment.

The layout is designed to maximize comfort and efficiency, with ample work and storage surfaces. High-end appliances and modern facilities integrate harmoniously with the rustic style of the environment, creating a space where tradition and innovation coexist.

Natural lighting is abundant, thanks to large windows that let in light and offer picturesque views of the rural surroundings. The kitchen can also have a central island, ideal for food preparation and as a social gathering point.

In short, the kitchen at Mas Carreras 1846 is a charming space that combines the historic appeal of the barn with contemporary amenities, making each dining experience both an aesthetic and practical pleasure.